By Ricardo Torres

February 17, 2014

Fred Fleitz speaks about
Iran inside Marjorie Barrick
Museum at UNLV on Feb.
11, while foreign-policy
experts (from left to right)
Scott Bates, Senad
Hrustanovic, Christian
Whiton and Former U.S
Congressman James Bilbray
listen. Hrustanovic and
Bilbray introduced the panel.

(Photo/Ricardo Torres)
At the home of Patrick and Diane Clary in Desert
Shores at Harbor Cove  in Las Vegas, Nevada,
during the evening of Friday, January 20, 2012.

Harold Weller, a member of the Center’s
Honorary Board, who is Founding Music
Director and Conductor Laureate of The Las
Vegas Philharmonic, also the founder and
Trustee of the Foundation to Assist Young
Musicians (FAYM), introduced a dynamic
young pianist,
Masha Pisarenko, who was
born in Siberia and now lives and performs
in Las Vegas. She then played her favorite
composition by Franz Liszt, “Oberman
Valley” from the book Years of Wondering,
on the Clarys’ Baldwin parlor grand piano to
the enthusiastic audience.


The Nevada Center on Foreign
Relations (“the Center”)

recognizes that the meaning of   
U.S. “foreign relations” has
changed. Localities and economic
regions across the country have
been dramatically
internationalized. Foreign trade
and investment have wholly
altered local economies. In a
world made infinitely accessible
by the Internet, all manner of
international business is
conducted from small-town and
even more remote bases. In such
situations citizens’ knowledge and
understanding of the important
issues shaping foreign relations
and the resulting policies are
even more important than they
were in the past. The Center’s
purpose is to disseminate widely
such knowledge and information.

The Center’s goal is:

1) provide and advance accurate
and in-depth information on
foreign relations to as many
organizations and people that can
be reached by its activities in the
best interests of U.S. Foreign
policy and national security and of
furthering peace and justice in the

2) bringing programming with
quality speakers and contributors
dealing with the most critical
issues facing U.S. Foreign policy
and foreign relations to the
largest number organizations and
people who care about foreign
relations and may wish to try to
do something about these issues.

3) serve as an open forum to
provide educational, timely, and
news-breaking information to
expand public knowledge about
foreign relations, holding various
programs including seminars and
conferences on topics of current  
significance to institutions,
businesses, organizations and

4) invite highly knowledgeable
domestic and international
scholars, foreign policy experts,
government and military
officials, independent mass
media analysts, and business
and religious leaders to speak on
preselected topics of interest to
the Center, which are relevant to
enhancing international peace,
security, and economic and
cultural cooperation.

The Center focus

In its foreign relations
programming activities, the
Center focuses and will continue
to focus on the most critical news
breaking events or situations
affecting U.S. Foreign policy and
national security and will produce
programs that attract and provide
accurate and in-depth knowledge
and information to the largest
number of interested and
concerned people occurring at
quality, convenient, and easily
accessible venues.

Inter-cultural activities

While the Center conducts in-
depth programming on foreign
relations issues, it engages in
inter-cultural activities unique to
foreign countries and regions of
the world. This includes artistic
and cultural presentations in all
disciplines especially musical and
visual arts’ expression and other
cultural treasures.

Moreover, another of the Center’s
objectives is to encourage and
promote cultural exchanges of
the highest level and
effectiveness, celebrating diverse
aspects of cultural achievements.

Accordingly, the Center will be
engaged, from time to time, in
private and public programs
concerning both foreign relations
and cultural diversity, resulting in
the Center’s contribution to
international understanding and
enhancing people-to-people

(from the mission statement)


Senad Hrustanovic
THIS WEEK:                  


                                            ICELAND'S PM RESIGNS OVER PANAMA PAPERS STORY
Welcome to Nevada Center on Foreign Relations

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hon. Judge Philip Pro was the speaker at Thursday luncheon in the very nicely set up
venue at the Main Street Station Hotel in Las Vegas.  Besides the NCFR members,  
attendees were some of community leaders, judges, lawyers, business and other
interested  people in the topic.  

After introducing an agenda of the luncheon Paul Ray, "Center"'s COO, greeted guests,
Judy Hill, Vice President and Board member of American Committees on Foreign Relations
and Jane Brimmer, Board member of American Committees on Foreign Relations,
dignitaries from local community and others.

Debra Sam King, President of the "Center" talked about the "Center", thanked for a
support and invited attendees to participate in the Center's activities and future events.  

Senad Hrustanovic, Chairman/CEO of the"Center" briefly revisited a history of the Center
before he  introduced the Judge Pro and congratulated him on his new appointment to the
Nevada Gaming Commission.

Judge Pro talked about his personal experience visiting and working with different judicial
systems and their representatives abroad. He stressed out importance of being patient in
understanding local legal systems, cultures and a decision making process.  He talked
about his particular interaction with different legal and judicial systems all over the World

                         The Center's Announcement:

                 NCFR Dinner Event with Meg Lundsager
            Executive Director of International Monetary Fund ( 2007-2014)


In collaboration with the leadership of American Committees on Foreign Relations,
Washington DC, the Nevada Center on Foreign Relations is announcing:

                                             THE BREAKFAST MEETING

The NCFR Boards, members and supporters will meet with the American Committees on
Foreign Relations Leadership to discuss the mission of the ACFR and the Nevada Center on
Foreign Relations, its role in community and impact on foreign affairs.
(the time and room will be announced soon).

Location: The Renaissance Hotel – Las Vegas


Meg Lundsager, Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (2007-2014)
Public Policy Fellow, Wilson Center; Former the US Treasury Department Official, will speak

" The Consequences of Current Global Developments, Impact on US Businesses, the USD,
and the International Financial System – in light of the Greece and EU debt crises, China's
financial market and currency policy, reserve currency initiatives, BRICS, etc.”

Location:  The Orleans Hotel – Las Vegas
Senad Hrustanovic and Hon. Judge Philip Pro
The history, culture, and values of each
country are reflected in their laws. Although
the structure and nomenclature of various
governance and legal systems throughout
the world may vary in several respects, the
principle of the rule of law transcends these
differences. Virtually all stable democratic
countries provide a means of fairly
resolving disputes in accord with
established legal standards which the
citizens of that country generally accept as
legitimate. However, the legal systems in
some countries, particularly post-conflict,
authoritarian, or otherwise unstable
developing countries, face significant
challenges in achieving a society in which
the rule of law meaningfully exists.
Judge Pro stressed out the NCFR effort to
educate people through these and similar
activities is very valuable and should be

Judy Hill, Vice President of American
Committees on Foreign Relations
emphasised that Judge Pro words about the
NCFR role should resonate in community.